Louchels Waffle House in Adventure Food Park

I am a waffle fan. After our dinner at Asan si Diwa at Ilan Seafood Grill we then went to Louchels Waffle House to which is just beside it to have some sweets.

Just to be fair let me start with the good once. The food presentation looks really good. The food looks really inviting though there were just few selections.

The place look nice but I find it too feminine. It looks like a nursery for kids

For this one I will give it a one out of five.

When we come in we were looking around for a few minutes not knowing where to go and how to start. the crew where too busy and they just look at us. Until one of them finally told us that there are more seats up stairs but that's it! They have never gave us further instructions. After we got our seat I have to go down again to asked for menu and the girl on the counter seems doesn't what she was doing. She then just referred me to choose from the menu on the board. I asked her what is their best seller but she can't give me one. She just read what was written on the board as if I don't know how to read. I was annoyed and already pissed but that time but I don't have a choice since she was the only on there. I ordered their triple topper waffle. I asked for Hershey, nutella and marshmallows as topping and Hershey, nutella and strawberry toppings for the second waffle. The told me to wait up stairs and she will just serve it. it took her more than 20 mins to serve the first a waffle. When we asked her about the other one she is not even sure If I ordered on. We then waited again before she served the second one. Since its already we just decided to have it for take out. She even gave us raspberry instead of strawberry.

I hope not all customers experience the same experience that we had. Good thing that we already had great dinner before we went there. Because if not I surely can't hide my annoyance to that girl. She is so unprofessional and when she shouts when she communicates.

There is no special with the food either. The waffle is dry.
The whole experience in that Waffle house was a mess!

I might come back there to check if there are improvements with their service but not any time soon.

I will never recommend this place to my friends either.

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