Tanduay Ice Alcomix : Vodka Lemonade and Vodka Cranberry (6% Alcohol content)

This post is not suitable for minor.

Let me start by stating this : "I am not an alcoholic, though I drink occasionally."

When there is a get together that involves alcohol most men would prefer to have beer. But for me, I just don't like the taste of it. Often I would request for Tanduay Ice instead. Tanduay Ice have five flavors namely, Ice Alcomix,Spirit Ice Red Margarita, Ice Blue, Ice Pomelo and Ice Yellow. I often choose the Spirit Ice Red Margarita until they recently released these two new amazing flavors - VODKA LEMONADE and VODKA CRANBERRY.

With right amount of flavor and with just 6% Alcohol you will surely enjoy socializing with your friends without getting too tipsy or drunk.

FDA  categories these drinks as Low Risk Food Product.

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