Cawag Pentalogy Day Hike Challenge Accepted!

I have recently joined the Cawag Pentalogy day Hike Challenged that was organized by Live More Adventures. The goal of this challenge is to conquer five mountains in an average of 16 hours. There were total of 23 participants who took the challenge.

Cawag is located in Subic, Zambales Philippines. There are five mountains that mountaineers climb in Cawag, They normally do trilogy (Three)  and Quadrilogy (Four) Trek and the most challenging is Pentalogy(Five). The five mountains were Mt. Balingkilat (MASL 1,100), Mt. Bira Bira (MASL 450, Mt. Naulaw, Mt. Dayungan (MASL 935), and Mt. Cinco Picos (MASL 881) 

Pentalogy is definitely  not for beginners. Trekking for 16 hours is not a joke. It takes a lot of endurance, perseverance and patient in reaching every summit. Each mountains has its own characteristics and has its own challenges.

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Our itenerary is listed below.

Day 0

19:00 meet up.@ KFC shopwise
20:00 ETD cawag zambales

Day 1

01:00 ETA brgy.cawag (registration, secured guides)
01:30 start trek
04:00 1st water source @ kawayanan
06:00 mt.Balingkilat summit
07:00 ETD mt.Bira2x
09:00 mt.Bira2x summit
09:30 ETD mt.Naulaw
10:00 mt.Naulaw summit
10:30 ETD mt.Dayungan
11:30 2nd water source @ dayungan trail
Lunch while.on trail
14:00 mt.Dayunangan summit
14:30 ETD mt.Cinco Picos
16:30 mt.Cinco Picos summit
17:00 ETD jump off
19:00 jump off brgy.cawag
20:00  ETD manila

I did accepted the challenge unfortunate I wasn't able to complete all five of them. We made it up to the fourth mountain (Mt. Dayungan) but not able to get to the summit. Because of so much exhaustion plus the fact that I am not a veteran mountaineer. Out of the 23 participants only 4 folks conquered all five. Congratulations to these four folks who took the challenge and accomplished it.

Most of us just made it to the  Mt. Dayungan then decided not to Mt. Cinco Pico. I may not conquered these five mountains today but I still consider it as an accomplishment. Not everyone can go  through what we have been through. Pentalogy challenge encouraged me to become more fit and be more active. Then I'm  gonna aim again to once more get to challenge and hopefully will make it by that time.

This truly is an experience of once in a lifetime. I have learned a lot. Not just about hiking but more about myself. I have learned what I'm capable off and I know with the right preparation I can do more.

I also love the people that I'm with they have help me to enjoy this experience. Special thanks to Tito Ayi our sweeper for helping us and keep on pushing us.

Cawag Pentalogy, I will see you again!

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  1. the view is very breathtaking! very pretty and amazing!

  2. I love how you write your blog. Really inspire me, and make me want to improve my travel blog. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Hope to see more of your post :)

  3. I remember our day hike at Cinco Pico traverse to Silanguin cove. It was actually my first major hike. Zambales is really one of the great places to hike and chill at the beach.

    Congrats you made 4 out of 5 summits! You did a great job!


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