The (un)Laki Beach Escapade

Through LiveMore Adventures Travel and Tours we had a chance to visit Laki Beach in Mariveles
Bataan. After four hours of land travel the white sand, clear water and fresh air welcomed us.

This newly discovered beach was just opened to the public by last quarter of 2016.

Since it was a holy week I was expecting that the place will be crowded just like any other beaches. Compared with other commercialized and more popular beaches Laki beach has still enough space to enjoy the serenity of the shore.

We had so much fun. We swim, some went on cliff diving, we went camping, play in the sand like kids and enjoy the company of each other. Laki beach is really a good place to go.

The following day, our enjoyment and itinerary was cut short when the caretaker of the island asked all the tourist to depart the premise before 4:00 pm and new tourist were not allowed to come in. The chaos then started. Our boat supposed to pick us up by 10:00 am for our island/cove hopping. Since we are not yet done during their arrival they and everyone needs to leave the place ASAP our boat pick up other tourist so everyone can vacate the place. Our organizer contacted the boat operator, Kuya Tikboy and they promised that the boat will come back to pick us up. We then waited for hours and the boat was able to pick us up before 4:00 pm. It was really a great inconvenience for us to wait for almost four hours before we can leave. However we can't blame the boat operators. They were just the first one to take the blame but i personally don't think that it was their fault. This commotion started when as per the locals and the caretakers someone, who claims as the owner Laki beach will be coming. Everyone were caught unprepared. All the tourist were instructed for vacate the are before 4:00 am.

As per the last update that we heard from Mam Melca (boat operator) the documentation for the title for the said cove is in process by the "atty" who is claiming the rights of ownership. As per the care taker result will be release by month of May but it is indefinite. Therefore by this time Laki Beach remain close.

I don't want to focus on the bad things since nevertheless our overnight stay is still fun and the travel time is all worth it.

Instead of focusing on the "unfortunate" incident I want to make a plea to everyone.

Base on looking at the photos below I am sure what it is all about.


As I explore the place I was so sadden when I saw the trashes scattered all  over the place even in the sand near the shore. Bonfire remains, disposable plastic material and liquor bottles were left!

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