He found his happiness to someone else's soul

He found his happiness to someone else's soul

You came in the most unexpected time of my life
A time when everything was a mess and all I want is to die
I was full of pain though people can't see a stain
But in the deepest of my heart I was going insane

Then one day out of nowhere you came
You brought laughter and it has never been the same
Days passed and I can no longer keep you out of my brain
I always look forward to small conversations to matter how inane

Then one night we finally had a chance to meet
My body and my heart went completely crazy as it beat. 
I felt comfort just like home as I seat next to you
It is weird since that was the first time that I have met you

My cheeks are burning every time I see you staring at me
Chills filled my whole body every time you get close to me
I haven't had enough beer yet I get drunk with the scent of your body 
I never had any drugs but I felt like I am in ecstasy

I am truly captured with your smile and enchanted under your spell
Just say a word and everything will be well
It is hard to admit that I have fallen in love
It seems that my prayers were heard by the gods above

I have found an amazing man that captured my heart
But it breaks me inside for I can only love him from a far
I found him but I have to let him go
For he found his happiness to someone else's soul

Created 5:30am 10282017

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