Experience the extreme, complimented with cool weather at Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Experience the extreme, complimented with cool weather at Tree Top Adventure Baguio

I and my friend Jinky had the chance to personally experience the extreme rides that Tree Top Adventure has to offer and the experience was awesome. No wonder why Tree Top is on the top list when it comes to main attractions in Baguio City.

We arrived is Baguio City on March 13 at 4:00am. Since it was too was too early we decided to have our breakfast first to the nearest fastfood. Then we went to Burnham Park to have sight seing and spent the rest of our time there as we wait for 8:00 am. (Since Tree Top Adventure  opens at 8:00am to 4:30pm daily including holidays) We arrived at camp John Hay 15 minutes before eight in the morning. We waited until Tree Top officially opened. We were welcome with such nice staff. Renz assisted us as we go through the the registration and briefly gave us an idea what to expect. I asked her some questions about the place and operation and I'm happy that she was able to give me satisfactory answers.

The park is located inside camp Jihn Hay it is full of trees that will surely make you feel closer to nature. All their rides are definitely Safe. Protective gear are also provided to ensure the safety of their guests. The staff will give you a short briefing before they let you in inside.
If you want to experience all the activities, allot around two hours. This will also depend on the number of guests present. The more guests, the more waiting time it will take. Luckily we arrived early plus it's a weekday so we are able to finish all the rides in less than two hours.
You have the option to choose weather you just want to try the individual rides or choose from there packages. They have total of 5 attractions which are devided into slow paces and fast paces. Below are there rates and the packages.

Php 250 - Canopy Ride
Php 300 - Superman Ride 
Php 150 - Tree Drop
Php 100 - Trekking and Skywalk
Php 200 - Silver Surfer

Php 400 - Canopy + Silver Surfer
Php 500 - Canopy + Superman Ride
Php 700 - Canopy + Superman + Silver Surfer
Php 900 - All activities

Travel through trees 100 feet above the ground using a network of five motorized cable rides, and see nature from an entirely new perspective.

Take off from a tower to a zip line adventure that can launch you into a superhero flight, face first (alone or with another rider) from an elevation 70 feet high in Subic and 150 feet high over a ravine in Baguio.

Surf into the wind with a fellow rider, and glide from one treetop to another, while seeing an unmatched view of the forest wilderness.

Are you brave enough to experience the ultimate rappelling adventure down the side of a 60-foot tree? This is definitely the biggest Treetop free fall thrill!

The Treetop Adventure experience aims to promote a greater appreciation of nature in its rugged beauty, and native ecosystems.

Enjoy the cool Baguio weather while strolling through pine trees in the park’s own “yellow road” which takes you right in the middle of nature, lending amazing views of Baguio’s peaks and mountainside 100 feet above the ground.

Superman Ride and Tree drop were my favorite. It will really be a challenge for people who have fear of heights.  Jinky even backed out for the Tree drop.

I asked her her about the experience and here's what she can say : "I been to Baguio many times but this is our first time in Tree Top Adventure in Baguio. The place was so nice.  Quiet, Calm and through the cool breeze you can relax and shout your heart at the same time. This is what I really want.  The rides were so nice except “skywalk” very disappointing (boring). We really had fun especially with the “superman” but sadly, I never tried “treedrop” because when kuya hanging me up little by little my heart started to beat so fast hahahaha. Overall, it was fun and thumbs up for all the staff who were very friendly and very accommodating. Keep it up! By the way, don't wear shorts when you go there coz' they will not allow you to take the rides and never complain about it. Just relax and enjoy the rides as well as the place with full of nature."


1. From Manila, take bus going to Baguio
Victory Liner and Genesis bus are the most common. There are other bus lines going to Baguio that you can easily find in there terminals in Cubao.

2. Go to Camp John Hay
Its Main Gate is now located on Loakan Road, a 5-minute drive from its old location at the Upper Session Road-Loakan Road-South Drive rotunda.

A. Tale a Jeepney.
You can take jeepneys going to Scout Barrio or Loakan or Kias-PMA with all three routes having their terminal at the east side of Burnham Park across Tiong-San Department Store, Harrison Road.

B. Take a taxi/cab
But my recommendation if you’re going to John Hay is to take a taxi or cab instead as this is more convenient than taking jeepneys. John Hay is a wide forest reserve and there are no jeepneys going inside.

Thank you Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas of Tagged Media for the free passes!

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