Before You Search For Love...

Be independent.
Learn to stand by your own. Do things by your own. Make things happen by your own.
Learn to take care of yourself for no one will do.

Be Financially Stable.
While you are single, this is the perfect time to save, invest and secure your future. In that way you will not have any set backs to pursue future plans or settling down at any time when the right one comes along.

Spend quality time with your love ones.
When you are in a relationship your time will be divided.  You will have less time to spend with your family and friends. So make plenty of quality time with them while you still have that luxury to spend with them.

Enjoy Singlehood.
Don't rush. Enjoy being single.  Explore the world. Meet new people. Travel. Widen your network. Enjoy your freedom.

Love yourself.
How can you can give what you don't have?
You have to know your worth.
The right one will come in the right time and will value you the way you value yourself.

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