Kasal (movie 2018)

The story of Lia Marquez played by Bea Alonzo, a Cebuana grade school teacher who got engaged with Philip Cordero played Paulo Avelino, a young politician. The movie started in a very nice location and full of romance until Philip proposed to Lia. Things become complicated when Philip enters politics to continue his family’s legacy. To win the favor of the voters Lia suggested to Philip's team to fix the bridge. That when Eduardo “Wado” dela Costa played Derek Ramsay came to the picture. Wado is the senior engineer of the project, happens to be Lia’s ex-boyfriend who is desperate to get her back. 

Lia and Wado had some time together as they work together for the project. In desperation of Wado to win Lea back he found out a secret about Philip's deepest, darkest secret. As this secret was revealed this cause chaos to everyone.

Paulo did stand out in this movie. The way he portray his conplex character is excellent. 

Bea is gorgeous. He acting skills will never be put into question. 

Derek also did well. The way he project and his eyes is full of intensity.

Other notable characters were Chris Villonco, Kylie Verzosa and Ricky Davao

My take home from the film : ACCEPTANCE 
Accept you are. Be true to yourself. Accept the people around you for they are. Accept what have already happened. Accept that there are some things we can never change. Accept that we fail sometimes then move on. 

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