Love, Simon (Film)

A smart, fun and engaging film. No wonder why this movie was a hit not just in the lgbtq community but to everyone who has an open mind.

It is a story of Simon a teenage boy who been hinding a secret for a long time. The crisis started when he starts having an anonymous email conversation with a boy known only as “Blue”; he calls himself “Jacques”. They fall in love. Then Martin discovered his secret. A man who likes Simon's friend, Abby. He then blackmailed Simon to get a chance with Abby. Unfortunately it didn't end well. This causes for Simon's secret to be revieled. 

It was a fiarytale like film. Everything was messed up but it fell into its place at the end. It has a happy ending.

I was moved by some of the scenes of him coming out to different friends and family, each moment handled with grace and individuality, and never drifting into insipid afterschool-special territory. 

It was a feel good movie. It talks about the serious issues of lgbt community in a lighter way.

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