Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

Ethan Hunt played by Tom Cruise, and his team always find a way. The world is facing a terrifying nuclear threat from the acolytes of imprisoned anarchist baddie Solomon Lane (Sean Harris). He remains to his organization and The Syndicate have reformed into a terrorist group known as The Apostles. Ethan Hunt receives details of a mission to intercept the sale of three plutonium cores to members of the group, who are acquiring them for their latest client, fundamentalist John Lark. He went to Berlin where he meets up with Benji Dunn and Luther Stickell, but the mission fails when Ethan makes the choice to save Luther's life and the plutonium is taken by the Apostles. 

August Walker was sent to shadow Ethan, as he attempts to retrieve the plutonium. They went to Paris, where John Lark is set to buy the cores from the Apostles, with the arms Dealer known as the White Widow acting as a broker. Ethan and Walker track Lark to a bathroom where in the subsequent fight, Lark is killed by Ilsa Faust. To complete the mission, Ethan impersonates John Lark and meets the White Widow.

Agents of the Apostles have been sent to kill John Lark and the White Widow; with Ethan impersonating Lark, he escapes with the White Widow. Ethan and his team attack the convoy and loyalties of the team are tested; Ilsa reveals that MI6 wants Lane dead. A motorcycle and car chase ensues across Paris, with Ethan avoiding the White Widow's forces, the police and Ilsa, who has to kill Lane to fulfil her mission for MI6. The mission to extract Lane is successful, whereupon White Widow instructs the team to deliver Lane, as well as Ilsa, to London.

When they got to London Alan Hunley, Secretary of IMF, confronts Ethan about being John Lark, which Ethan denies. Ethan incapacitates Hunley to continue the mission. After being asked to monitor Lane, Walker unwittingly reveals himself to be the real John Lark, in association with Lane. Erica Sloane also notices and instructs a shadow CIA team to take Lane, Walker, and Ethan’s team in. The CIA team is in fact infiltrated by the Apostles and Walker orders them to attack the IMF team. Hunley is stabbed and killed in the ensuing fight by Walker, who then escapes. With the help of Benji, Luther, and Ilsa, Ethan tracks Walker across the rooftops to Tate Modern, where Walker escapes to a medical camp in Kashmir with Lane, but not before threatening the life of Ethan's estranged wife, Julia. 

At the medical camp, where the abundance of radiology equipment is being used to disguise the radioactive signature of the bombs, Walker has also engineered for Julia and her new husband to be onsite to raise the stakes for Ethan. Solomon Lane activates the weapons, giving the detonator to Walker. Ethan takes off in pursuit of Walker in a helicopter, leaving Benji, Luther, and Ilsa on the ground to find the weapons. Luther finds the first weapon and is helped by Julia to defuse it. Ilsa and Benji find the second weapon and fight with Lane, with Benji nearly being killed, before Ilsa rescues him and subdues Lane. Ethan and Walker engage in an aerial helicopter chase, before Ethan uses his helicopter to ram Walker's aircraft out of the sky. The two then fight on a cliff edge, where Hunt eventually gets the upper-hand and kills Walker. Ethan is able to get control of the detonator while Luther, Ilsa, and Benji deactivate the bombs.

The film has a slow start but defensively action packed. The stunts were full of trill, suspense and death defying action scenes that made this stunning action film awesome. 

At the age of 56, Tom Cruise defies age and pushed his physical boundaries for our our viewing pleasure. Fallout features a badass, brilliant action hero who also never kills anyone without looking them straight in the eye first and visibly weighing the moral choice before him.

The film has great mix of plots.

The setting has amazing views.

This is defenitely on of the best franchise of Mission Impossible. 

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