Forgotten My Worth

I'm in the point of my life where I no longer have time to chase pavements. 
I've learned to be thankful to the real people who are around me. 
I got tired and exhausted for searching for 'the one'.In my search, I have lost myself, to the point where I no longer recognize who I am. 
I thought I was giving love, but how can I give the things that I have deprived even for myself? 
How can I love if I forgot to love myself? 
Who will value myself if I have forgotten my worth? 
Because of my stubbornness, it took a while for things to sink in. 
When the realization came, it punched me so hard in the face and there is nothing I can do but cry.
Now that I was able to fix all my shit and find my way again, I will never let anyone mislead me.
Forgive me if I ask you to try harder this time.
Precious things are hard to earn and find.

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