Types of Motorcycle Helmets & Where To Buy Them

There are many different types of motorcycle helmets for sale but do you know which type to get to suit your needs?

There are six basic types of motorcycle helmets, namely:
  1. Full face
  2. Modular (AKA Flip-up)
  3. Open face (AKA ¾ helmet)
  4. Half helmet (AKA brain bucket)
  5. Off-road (AKA motocross helmet)
  6. Dual-sport (AKA crossover, ADV, hybrid, enduro)
Bikebandit.com is an online store where you can find a gamut of motorcycle helmets and oem atv parts at affordable prices.

Full-Face Helmet

When you picture a motorcycle helmet, a full face helmet is probably what you have in mind. Full faces cover the top, back and front of your head. Except for the eye port of course, which is important for a little safety feature called being able to see. As opposed to 3/4 and half helmets, full faces have a chin bar. The LS2 Arrow Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet from Bikebandit.com is a high performance, full face helmet designed by racers for racers. The LS2 Arrow Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is specialized to meet the demands of riders while maintaining an affordable price point.

Modular Helmet

The LS2 Strobe Solid Modular Helmet offers the features of a full-face helmet with the comfort of a jet helmet without compromising safety. Designed for a sport or touring motorcycle, this is the ideal helmet for all kinds of adventures. The Strobe has two shell sizes and an Intermediate Oval shape. Ventilation is key, and the Strobe features channeled ports, top vents, a chin vent, and an exhaust port to keep you cool.

Open Face Helmet

The LS2 Track Open Face Motorcycle Helmet offers a modern design with soft lines and high-quality features. Lose yourself on the asphalt during the hotter months, and protect yourself from the sun’s rays with the long visor and inner screen. The outer shell of OF569 is lightweight for comfort while also being resistant in order to absorb the energy of possible impact. The Track has an Oval shape.


The LS2 Rebellion Half Helmet features a dual stage drop-down sunscreen and UV Resistant coating. It has channeled ports and a top vent for ventilation. Its hypoallergenic liner is removable and washable. The Rebellion has two shell sizes and an Intermediate Oval shape.

Off-Road Helmet

Off-road helmets are distinguished from regular full faces by their sun peaks and pronounced, angular chin bars. Dirt riding demands a high physicality from the rider, and it’s often done in warmer weather. So, motocross helmets are designed to minimize weight and maximize ventilation.

Dual-Sport Helmet

Dual-Sport helmets fall somewhere between off-road and full face styles. Like motocross helmets, they have a sun peak and excellent ventilation. However, they also provide a little more warmth and soundproofing for on-road riding. And most obviously, they have a built-in visor and a truncated chin bar.

Besides a wide range of good quality motorcycle helmets and oem atv parts, Bikebandit.com is a motorcycle tire shop as well and you can find all your motorcycle tires there at good prices.

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