Valugan Boulder Beach in Basco, Batanes

Valugan is an Ivatan language that means "east". This is not your typical beach where you can swim (not recommended at all). There is no white nor fine sand here. However you will find incredible landscape framed by almost vertical cliffs and rolling hills formed from countless boulders.

Valugan Beach lies on the eastern foot of the Mt. Iraya. During its active days it spited up those rough andesite rocks that were slowly polished by the tides and the restless waves.  When you get to the beach you will hear the loud whistling of the wind, the constant rumbling of the Pacific ocean and the angry waives as it slaps the shore.

It is a nice place to relax and find serenity. The sound of the waives is very relaxing and such a music to the ear. Better to be here before sunrise so you can witness the majestic view as the sun starts to show its might.

How to get here?

  1. Travel time from Manila to Basco Batanes is roughly an hour and 45 minutes by air.
  2. From the airport or your inn in Basco, Valugan Beach can be reached by tricycle.
    North Batan Tour usually costs P1000 per tricycle (good for 2 pax).

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