13 Reasons Why Season 3

13 Reasons Why premiered in 2017 and it made noise since then. I personally feel in love with the story and the series itself. The series is fiction but it talks about real life issues that young people are facing today. As the story unveils the reason behind Hannah's death it showed us the factors why her life end up in tragedy. The series is an eye opener about Bullying, Rape and suicide. These are strong topics and the series help us to understand the extent of it's effect to someone's life who experience it.

The season 3 will premiere this August 23, 2019. The trailer revealed that the rich and famous Bryce Walker is dead. The biggest question that was left to its audiences is Who killed Bryce Walker? Everyone is a suspect therefore who shouldn't miss a single episode of the season. 

Major Spoiler, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) will not make an appearance.

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