Just a Stranger (2019)

Just a Stranger is a 2019 Filipino erotic romantic drama starring Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao under the direction of Jason Paul Laxamana.

It is a story of forbidden love between to committed people with a May-December affair.
The opening scene shows Mae as she enters an empty church in midday wearing black, fancy clothes and enters the confessional booth where the priest is waiting to hear her story.

The story revolves around Mae played by Anne Curtis, a beautiful woman married to Phil (Edu Manzano), an older man who uses her as a trophy wife. She met Jeriho (Marco Gumabao) the handsome young man that she met during her vacation in Lisbon, Portugal. Jericho flirted with her while she was spending time at the beach. He then offered her to be her personal tour guide. They end up the day renting a room which she paid and spending the whole night is the same bed. The "one-time thing" has grown into a full-blown romance when they met again at the Old Railway Station museum in San Fernando, Pampanga where Jericho works as an apprentice. Phil eventually found out about Mae and Jericho's affair. He isn't thrilled about what he found out however his public reputation is more important to him. He did not stop them from seeing Jericho but he ceased all his financial support to his wife. As Phil's line said "...won’t allow you to finance your betrayal with his own money." Mae was willing to risk giving up everything just to be Jericho but the young man was burdened of taking their romance to the next level because of the situation that he is on - hooking up with a married woman that he cannot make public.


Anne and Marco definitely have chemistry. Anne did great in job portraying a bored and neglected wife whose needs go beyond the material things provided by her wealthy husband. Marco displayed remarkable range and depth in portraying the character of Jericho. A boy who has everything except for what he really wants.


Jason Paul Laxamana is not a stranger to this movie genre. He may not bag an award for this film yet it was still well crafted overall.


It is not a typical Filipino movie where every scene is predictable. You will feel different emotions a you watch through the movie. The film tackled few issues that we encounter today such as problems of married couples encountered, aggressiveness of teenagers and parents raising their child. The actors are fantastic. The opening location is beautiful. The sound tracts is also great. Over all the film is a must watch.

Just a Stranger, which is rated R-16 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, is currently being screened in cinemas.

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