Blithethoughts on "IT Chapter Two"

The Plot

The film opened when Adrian Mellon and his boyfriend Don Hagarty are attacked by a group of youths. Mellon is then thrown from a bridge and killed by Pennywise while Don  watches helplessly. Mike Hanlon overhears the incident through a police scanner and rushes to the place of incident. He then realized that Pennywise or so called"It" has came back.

He contacted the other members of the Losers Club—Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, and Stan—back to Derry where everything have started. Everyone agreed to return except for Stan who committed suicide after Mike's phone call.

The Losers Club minus Stan have been reunited in a local restaurant and slowly begin to recover their memories, but are terrified by disturbing visions and taunts caused by It. The group is then found out about Stan's suicide. Richie and Eddie decide to leave while Mike reveals to Bil that he met with a Native American tribe who him showed a vision of It arriving to Earth from the stars, and informed him of the Ritual of Chüd- a way of destroying It once and for all. Bill and Mike convince Richie and Eddie to stay and finish what was started. Henry Bowers, having survived his apparent death, has been confined to a mental hospital, but with the help of "It" he escaped.

The ritual requires each Loser to have an artifact from their past. Beverly goes to her old home and found the love letter that she believes that Ben have written for her. Bill went to the storm drain near their oldhouse and where Georgie was killed. He recovered his paper boat before meeting a boy named Dean. Ben went to his old high school and found his old yearbook page, which Beverly was the only person to sign. Eddie went to a pharmacy and recovers an inhaler. Richie got a game token from an abandoned arcade. After escaping their individual encounters with the "It", the Losers use a shower cap from their childhood clubhouse for Stan and Mike finds the rock that started their fight against the Bowers gang years prior. Bill realizes that the "It" is going after Dean but he failed to save him from being devoured. Bowers attacks and wounds Eddie and Mike, but was killed by Richie. The rest of the

Losers left the Neibolt house to help Bill. They have completed the Ritual but Pennywise appeared and pressured Mike in revealing to the Losers that the Natives who attempted the ritual in the past all died. The Losers are then thrust into nightmarish scenarios that they all eventually escape from before arriving back in the cavern. Eddie saves Richie, who gets caught by Pennywise's hypnotic dead lights, but is impaled by Pennywise. The Losers regroup and realize It can be killed if they stand up to him and make him feel smaller than he actually is; they surround and insult It over and over, making him physically shrink and weaken until they are able to tear out his heart and crush it, ultimately killing him. Eddie dies from his injuries despite Richie's attempts to save him.

The remaining Losers return to the quarry where they once swam together. Beverly, who has realized it was Ben who wrote the letter, shares a kiss with him, and the two start a romantic relationship. Richie returns to the bridge where he had once carved his initials and those of another person, now revealed to be Eddie. Mike decides to move out of Derry to start a new life. The Losers all receive posthumous letters from Stan, explaining that he believed he would've held them back, but knew they could defeat It if they were brave without him.

The Cast

The Losers' Club

  • Jessica Chastain and Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh:
    The only female member of the Losers' Club, who was abused physically and sexually by her father, was bullied at school over false rumors of promiscuity, and was Bill and Ben's love interest. As an adult, she has become a successful fashion designer in Chicago while enduring several abusive relationships that include her marriage to Tom Rogan.
  • James McAvoy and Jaeden Martell as Bill Denbrough:
    The stuttering yet resourcefully determined former leader of the Losers' Club who, out of revenge for the demise of his younger brother Georgie, fights his killer, Pennywise, during the summer of 1989. He promises that he and the other losers will return to Derry if It comes back. As an adult, Bill is a successful mystery novelist in Los Angeles, and is married to a successful actress named Audra Phillips.
  • Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier:
    Bill's bespectacled best friend and fellow member of the Losers' Club, whose loud mouth and foul language often get him into trouble. As an adult, Richie becomes a successful stand-up comic in Los Angeles, contrary to his occupation as a disc jockey from the novel.
  • Isaiah Mustafa and Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon:
    A member of the Losers' Club who fought against It. As an adult, Mike is the only one to stay in Derry and becomes the town librarian. He summons the other Losers back to Derry when It resurfaces.
  • Jay Ryan and Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom:
    A member of the Losers' Club who fought against It and was bullied as a child because of being overweight. As an adult, he is fit and a successful architect living in Nebraska.
  • James Ransone and Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak:
    The epitome of a hypochondriac, overly exaggerated by the immense number of objects in his medicine cabinet. As an adult, Eddie is a successful risk assessor living in New York City and is married to Myra, who is very similar to his Munchausen syndrome by proxy-stricken mother Sonia.
  • Andy Bean and Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris:
    A member of the Losers' Club who fought against It but commits suicide as a adult because he knows that he fears to creature too much.


It Chapter Two did improved from its predecessor. It went deeper than its predecessor, yet you will feel a bit of shallowness. The horror elements and visual effects are mostly popcorn spectacle but the drama underlying everything is immensely compelling. The horror feeling did not elevate even though it has a nice horror effects.  The film have very nice cast however never reaches a level that evokes true emotion. There is less development with the characters. Special mention to Bill Harder whom I think made a great job in portraying his character. The comedy is so so. The flashbacks is a plus.

It was good but not the type of film that you will spent a penny watching it ot again.

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