#JOWABLE is based on a viral monologues from the Facebook page Vinsentiments. 

Elsa (Kim Molina) is a troubled young woman who is yearning for a mature and intimate relationship. She is a girl who constantly rants about her lack of romantic love and sexual satisfaction in life, seeking advice from everywhere and everyone.

The main role is perfect for Kim. I couldn't think of anyone else to portray the character of Elsa.

Cai Cortez nailed the bestfriend role. Her scenes with Kim were full of vulgar words and laughter but filles with heartwarming conversations.

Kakai Bautista also fits the loving and comedic morthely role.

The irreverent yet meaningful conversation with a nun (Candy Pangilinan) is one of the highlights of this films. Behind the humor you will find real life realization about love and life.

Darryl Yap, being the writer and director knows how to capture the hearts of its audiences. He was able to make every character in this film shine.

This is film worth watching it will make you laugh your ass off and cry like insane. This movie is a beautiful chaos. 


This film is smart. The trailer will surely caught up your attention but the experience watch the full movie a completely different experience. This is surely a 9 out of 10 stars!

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