Isa pa with Feelings (2019)

Isa Pa with Feelings is a 2019 romantic-comedy film produced by Black Sheep Productions. It is the firstt Filipino film to interpret the sign language.

The Plot

Mara is an aspiring architect whose life went downhill after failing the licensure exam. She was filled with disappointment because it was her father’s frustrated ambition to be one.
In a moment of anguish she then met Gali through a minor accident, who turns out to be her neighbor and, eventually, her sign language teacher. In the absence of verbal language, the two find other means to communicate. They eventually bond and develop liking each other. Gali who was self-assured in the beginning of the film stared to wrestle with his anxieties and insecurities due to his past relationship as his feeling for Mara deepens.

The Actors

I was amazed how Maine Mendoza displayed her acting skills. Behind her jolly and playful personality in television she can really deliver emotions that a drama film requires. She was able to brought Mara into life. She was able to portray the character effectively that can surely touch your emotions.
Carlo Aquino is no stranger in drama. His role as Gali is very unique from what he had done in the past. He doesn't need to speak to be heard. In his voiceless state he was able to communicate very well. His eyes speak. His gestures will tell you what he exactly wants to say. He proved that love can be spoken in many languages without even using your voice. Gali's perspective are truly an eye-opener

Blithethoughs in Isa Pa With Feeling

Before watching the film I have less expectation. I just watched the film because I was bored and I have no other option.  I thought that the film was just an ordinary and typical rom-com film with the exception that Carlo's character being deaf. Luckily the movie has proven me wrong.
The two actors undeniably have natural chemistry.
The story telling is very straight forward and powerful. It is very relatable.
The film gave us a genuine and honest ending. It was neither forced nor uncooked.
The film brought its viewers into the lives of deaf community. By watching the film you will learn their struggle and you will be able to relate and empathize with them. The movie showed us that their lack of ability to hear does not make them less of a human. They can work, study, make friends, fall in love and they have dreams.
By watching the film it opened my eyes about the deaf community. It talks about serious topics about deaf. It talks about the lack of education for parents to have deaf child. Lack of schools for the deaf was pointed out. Our lack of social and emotional skills to help deaf people was also highlighted. They don't need our pity. They are not asking for special treatment. They just need our understanding. They just need to be treated as humans just like us. Empathy and kindness is a real deal and my take away in this film.

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