President's Address on April 13 2020

President’s address:
- says national id will help in govt’s reaction to crises like COVID-19
- “we’re distributing to 18 million low income families”
- appeals to health workers not to go abroad during the COVID-19 crisis
- says America is part of the problem for recruiting Filipino health workers
- “don’t discriminate health workers”
- orders police to arrest people who discriminate health workers
- gov hospitals must accept patients, failure to do so will result in suspension
- warns about second and third wave of infections, “i-maintain niyo ang social distancing”
- instructs officials not to stop vehicles carrying food from the provinces
- gives clearance for govt to buy rapid test kits
- says China offers full support, thanks President Xi Jinping
- discusses possibility of selling govt assets to get more funding for COVID-19 response.
- salutes health workers
- says health workers can seek police/ military help to “get a lift home”

Cabinet Officials:
- Finance Department proposes a wage subsidy for small businesses.

— end — (12:49am GMT+8)

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