Blithe Words 2020 : Grateful

This has been a tough year. We faced a lot of natural calamities as mother nature made us taste her power. Then the pandemic reached us and paralyzed the world. A lot of people lost their jobs, families left in hunger and lives ended. A lot of heroes didn't made this far. As strong storms hit us a lot of  livelihood were torn apart and houses were drown in flood. As part of our nature our first reaction is to feel frightened. We question God why is this all happening. Then we complain, rant and find someone to blame. We've been is quarantine for a very long time. No matter how strong we are, whether we accept it or not, our mental health is affected. We felt sadness, some even resulted to anxiety and depression.

After all these devastating series of events is there really anything left to be thankful for. I myself is questioning, why am I still alive? The fact that I was able to right this post is one proof why I should be grateful.

I am grateful that I can still wake up every morning with the strength to cary on. I wake up everyday knowing that my family is in good health and in a better situation than the others. I'm grateful that I still have a job and able to provide for my family. I may not be in perfect health but I'm more than capable to accomplish things  thats needs to be done. I don't have a lot of friends but I'm surrounded with people good enough to care if I am okay. The world might be  covered with dispare but there will always be a reason to smile and be happy. Blessings comes in simpliest form that we neglect most of the time. We keep looking around and failed to see the things that really matters. Let's focus our sight on what really matters then you will realize that there's a lot out there that we should be grateful for. 


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