Blithe Words 2020 : Hope

It's when the darkest when a candle shines the brighttest.
The stars looks more splendid in the deep of the night.

Hope is when you wake up in the morning with the warm sunshine kisses your cheeks. It is when the rainbow appears after the heavens cried. It is there as the roses starts to bud and bloom. It's there when an infant takes It's first step. There is hope when you first taste the sweet lips of your one true love.

Life give us difficult challenges and tought times sometimes breaks us but hope push us to strive and move forward. It fuels us to get in our feet  and conquer our dreams. It tells us that there is life after a storm. It reminds us that there's happy ever after even if fairytales isn't real. It teach us to look forward for the fruit of our labor. It help us enjoy the taste of our sweet victories after our better pasts. 

Hope is intangible but a vigorous powerful force that can help us make our dreams into reality. Even in the lowest point of our lives we can still bounce back with flying colors.

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