Beware when claiming this Globe Reward!

For those who are using Globe Rewards but has a close or expired Gsave account NEVER claim this reward. 

Once the reward is claimed it will be sent to your Piggy bank wherein you can only withdraw it via your  active Gsave account. Should your Gsave account is deactivated then there is no way that you can claim the money or coins. In short it is forfeited.

I have tried to contact the parties involved here’s what they said.

  1. Globe Rewards can not refund it since the transaction is successful or completed already.
  2. Gcash can’t do anything about it since there don’t have “visibility” of your Gsave account. Meaning they don’t have access or they don't have the tools to support your Gsave account. They will then refer you to CIMB.
  3. CIMB can’t refund it back to your Globe rewards and they can’t transfer the funds to another CIMB account even if you have an active UPSAVE or FAST account with them.
This is a nice reward supposedly if you have an active GSAVE account. Since your globe reward can be convertible to cash. But everything will be put to waste if your Gsave account is inactive/closed.

Globe rewards did not put it in the fine print nor notify its user before claiming the reward. It’s just a small amount BUT it’s still money and you could have used your reward point for other rewards instead.

Here is the steps on how to withdraw or transfer the coins from your Piggy bank going to your active Gsave account.

1. Login to your Gcash app and tap on Gsave.
2. Tap on Transfer to Savings

3. In the confirmation page tap on Confirm.

4. You will get a confirmation that they are processing your request. Just tap on Done.

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