Play games and earn cash via Moneywell

What is Moneywell?

It is an app that allows to earn cash or gift certificate by simply playing mobile games.

Is it legit?

This mobile app is definitely legitimate. I was able to withdraw funds already in just a few days for simply playing games for few minutes.

How to get started?

Simply download Moneywell app on Google Play Store. Please note that the app is only available on android in the Philippines.

Once the app has been downloaded, you can start downloading the mobile games on your phone then you can start playing. 

How do I earn by simply playing?

As you play games the app will track how much time you have spent playing and it will generate coins or points that you can convert to cash or gift card. 

How can I withdraw money?

You can withdraw your money via PayPal.
In the Philippines, you can also get your payout via 7-Eleven.

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