Bombarded by Misfortunes

This feeling started back in July and August when I felt so sick and I was only able to report for work less than half of the month of my working week.  

Then followed by the beginning of September when I was mugged just a few blocks away from home while I was going to work. This caused me so much trauma and it did affect my mental health. That wasn't the first time that I mugged but it left me with more trauma compared to the first one. Because of that incident, the trauma of my past flashed back. Luckily (if I can really call it luck), I am safe as well as my belongings. Up to this time, I still can't tell the whole story in detail because I know that It still affects me and I just want to forget about that night. I was still able to go to work after that incident. I tried to stay strong and just shrug it off. Until the following day when I get home from my shift. I can't stop myself from overthinking. I was not able to sleep. I was absent for two days.

The most recent one was last night when my phone fell from my pants to the tricycle without noticing it. I just noticed it when I was already on the bus. Good thing that there was a bit of traffic so I had the chance to left off the bus and go back to the location where the tricycle driver drop me off. I was able to call my phone using my spare phone and the good Samaritan driver pick up the call and returned my phone on that same night. He traveled more than 3 kilometers to return my phone and I appreciated that so much.

Beyond those mishaps and misfortunes, I don't wanna call myself instead I prefer to be called blessed.

Even if things are not going the way we want them, finding those small blessings can help us get through everything day by day.


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