Miss Grand International is a big joke!

Roberta Tamondong has been appointed as the new Miss Grand International fifth runner-up as announced via MGI offical social media on Monday.

Miss Grand International Organization would like to announce the appointment of Roberta Angela Tamondong, Miss Grand Philippines 2022 as the new 5th runner-up of Miss Grand International 2022. She will be a part of the Top10 and will continue her mission with the MG team for a year.

In celebration of the pageant’s 10th anniversary, the 2022 edition crowned all of its top 10 finalists – with five queens all being named as fifth runners-up.

Tamondong, who initially finished in the Top 20, now joins other fifth runners-up from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cambodia, and Spain.

In my personal opinion, MGI is not a beauty pageant but a big CIRCUS! Such a disgrace in the world of pageantry.


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