3 Reasons of our Baguio Quick Escape

Two of my officemates and I decided to have a quick getaway after our shift. Right after our overtime, we went up to Baguio city for a quick getaway. Here are my 3 reasons for this quick escape.

1. Coffee

Who doesn't love coffee? This trip is just an overnight trip literally. We didn't have accommodation or booked any transient house. We spent our whole night in the street of Baguio city and jumping from one coffee shop to another.

2. Strawberry Taho

Early morning we went to Burnham Park. We job a bit and have our strawberry taho.

3. Breathe

The most important part of this trip is to breathe.  We've been working almost every day and with the line of jobs that we have, things become exhausting at times. Having a quick getaway with nature and enjoying the cool weather of the city gives us a bit of time to just breathe and relax.


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