Diplomat Hotel, Dominican Hill, Baguio City

Diplomat Hotel, is an abandoned structure atop Dominican Hill, Baguio, Philippines. 


In 1913. the 17-hectare hill property named as "Dominican Hill" was acquired and the construction of Dominican vacation house has started. It was then inaugurated in May 1915. A seminary named Colegio del Santissimo Rosario was set up in June 1915 but was closed after 2 years due to very small enrollment. 

Diplomat Hotels, Inc. acquired ownership of the property in 1973 and remodeled thoroughly the interior into a 33-bedroom hotel but was able able to retain its unique features established by the Dominican friars. The hotel was managed by Antonio Agapito "Tony" Agpaoa. Agpaoa died in 1980s due to a brain hemorrhage after suffering from a heart attack. After his death, the hotel ceased operations and was abandoned. Following its abandonment, the place was looted and sacked. The building also sustained significant damage during the 1990 Luzon earthquake.

How did Diplomat Hotel become hunted?

The Dominican vacation house became a place of refuge during World War II. Japanese forces invaded the property and turned it into their headquarters, Their secret police known as the Kempeitai, committed barbaric acts in the place such as torturing, raping and decapitating priests, nuns, as well as refugees. During the liberation of the Philippines in April 1945, the American forces bombed the place and partially hit the right wing of the building while Japanese forces committed suicide. 

Some people and tourists claimed to hear peculiar sounds and even see ghosts like a white lady. Other tourists visiting the place took photographs and saw silhouettes and strange images.

How To Get To The Diplomat Hotel

VIA JEEP - from Baguio City Public Market at Kayang street, you may take a jeepney with Dominican-Mirador route. 

VIA CAB - you can hire a taxi anywhere in Baguio City. The fare is roughly 150 PHP if you will be coming from around Burnham Park.

There is a 10 PHP entrance fee for adults as of my last visit.


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