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COVID-19 Response Email Directory

To fo facilitate your COVID-19 related concern/query, you may directly email the following:

-To request for COVID Logistics such as medicines, masks and other
Personal Protective Equipment:

-For foreign and local donations:  and

-For COVID-19 Laboratory/Facility accreditation:

-For queries on repatriation and follow-up results related to quarantine: and

-For hiring of Health Human Resource:
-For hospital complaints:

-For other COVID-19 related concern: and/or

-For Inter-agenct Task Force concerns:

-For Rapid Antibody-based Diagnostic Test case tabulation:

-For COVID-19 recovery and concerns:

-For COVID-19 Taskforce Group on Response and Operations:

-For feedbacks on social media platforms:

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Citizens' Budget Tracker

A former member of the Department of Finance Ken Abante with some other volunteers have created this budget tracker which accounts for the usage of government’s COVID-19 funds.

This initiative is to help track the government's effort in solving the COVID-19 crisis. It helps promote public awareness of how our funds are being spent and to hold our government accountable for a timely response to this crisis

Read more about it in their website:

Citizens' Budget Tracker

ECQ Diaries

During the start of Manila and Luzon Lock down. I was stuck at home due to transportation challenges. In my 8 years stay in VXI this have been the longest that I've been out. I was not able to report for work for 26. Then after the holy week I was able to finally secure a free account provided by our company. I have to rent a ride from home going to the accommodation in Quezon City. April 11, 2020 is when I receive a go signal from my team lead that the accommodation is ready. I brought two backpacks with my clothes since I'm not sure how long I would be staying in the accommodation. I have to pass the Bulacan- Caloocan check point. I have to talk to three soldiers. The third one is there supervisor since they told me that it's too late for me to get in. Good things after few minutes of talk and after I showed the documents to the supervisor he finally let me pass through. As I travel Quezon City rally looks different. It's like a ghost town with few people and less vehicles. The silence is music to my ears and the view really looks clearer due to less pollution. Kuya Erwin, the driver for rent dropped me exactly in my accommodation. When I get to my room I was not able to sleep. It a mixture of excitement and my body haven't felt at home yet. That night I started my shift. I felt weird at I walk in the hallway. It's very silent. It felt like I was the only one there. Good thing the security guards were there. As my shift about the start familiar faces started to arrived. I was really happy to see them. Laughter finally covered the dead silence in our production floor.

During this time of pandemic and lock down my colleagues became my family. They brought joy that counters the worries and anxieties that I felt. Staying at home was a big torture for my mental health. I felt useless and unproductive but being at work brought back my energy and enthusiasm. 

During this time of crisis I am very thankful that I chose the right company. A company who really cares for their people. The company gives free alcohol, free accommodations, free food, hazard pay, laundry allowance and free shuttles. They give early payouts and prorated 13th month pay. They basically shell out thousands (if not millions) of pesos to support and help their employees in times of need whole keep the business going.

I'm also thankful that we have good leaders who work tirelessly to help their subordinates and listen to they need. I am a BPO employee. We are also front-liners. We support people and help the economy. We paid our taxes that was used during this pandemic. Some people might see us less but I am proud to be part of this industry and I am proud to be a call center agent.

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President’s Address on April 16 2020

President’s Address Key Points:
- says he will immediately lift the Luzon lockdown once there is a medicine available for COVID-19
- expects vaccine to arrive 2021
- Duterte: I am just asking for your disiplina, kasi pag ayaw ninyong maniwala, mag-takeover ang military at police. I am ordering them now to be ready. Ang police at military ang mag-enforce sa social distancing at curfew. Parang martial law na rin. Mamili kayo.
- says Philippines first to implement lockdown in Asia
- asks critics “ano ba ang nagawa mo sa bayan?”
- says patients who died of COVID-19 are prohibited from having wakes
- asks crematories not to increase fees
- asks hospitals to find a way to accommodate COVID-19 patients

President's Address on April 13 2020

President’s address:
- says national id will help in govt’s reaction to crises like COVID-19
- “we’re distributing to 18 million low income families”
- appeals to health workers not to go abroad during the COVID-19 crisis
- says America is part of the problem for recruiting Filipino health workers
- “don’t discriminate health workers”
- orders police to arrest people who discriminate health workers
- gov hospitals must accept patients, failure to do so will result in suspension
- warns about second and third wave of infections, “i-maintain niyo ang social distancing”
- instructs officials not to stop vehicles carrying food from the provinces
- gives clearance for govt to buy rapid test kits
- says China offers full support, thanks President Xi Jinping
- discusses possibility of selling govt assets to get more funding for COVID-19 response.
- salutes health workers
- says health workers can seek police/ military help to “get a lift home”

Cabinet Officials:
- Finance Department proposes a wage subsidy for small businesses.

— end — (12:49am GMT+8)

New Classification of COVID-19

TINGNAN: Alamin ang bagong klasipikasyon ng mga indibidwal patungkol sa COVID-19 ayon sa @DOHgovph.

Papalitan na ang PUI at PUM ng suspect, probable at confirmed sa reporting ng mga kaso sa Pilipinas.

Para sa dagdag na impormasyon: 

According to the Department of Health, the move to amend the classifications for persons under watch for COVID-19 is to have  "uniformed reporting" on #COVID19PH.

PRD Adress to the nation on April 5 2020

President’s address: 
- says poorest of the poor must receive gov’t assistance
- ₱100 billion for one month or the ₱270 billion for two months is not enough
- exploring adjustment of budgets
- asks for the cooperation of the public
- let’s heed the needs of our poor brothers and sisters
- on drug addicts: wag subukan ang gobyerno, ang gobyerno desperado na din (to solve the COVID-19 crisis)
- encourages everyone to wear masks
- nagdadasal ako para sa bayan
- kung may pera, d ko hawakan yan
- “it’s not my money d ko pwede nakawin, kung ma nakaw ko man, ano gawin ko sa pera na yan”
- if money allotted for next month is used now, no more money next month
- i want to give the poorest of the poor
- says Elly Pamatong “as president” instructs the military to catch Duterte
- Ako, I agree. Kung maaari lang, isali ko sila. (On adding middle class to social amelioration program)
- ang solusyon dito is vaccine
- itong problema natin, ang pang kontra nito is stay home, at wag ka mahawaan
- sana mapanood niyo yung Japanese
- hindi ko alam kung saan ako magkuha ng pera
- mas matindi ito sa gera, d mo makita kalaban, pati taliban takot sila
- Wag kang mahawa, mag-stay ka sa bahay. “pano pagkain namin?” maghanap ka ng paraan
- panawagan ko: be patient, intindihin niyo ang gobyerno, we’d appreciate it
- When the resources are all exhausted and the pandemic would claim millions of lives, I hope, really, and I pray that it would not. Pero kung ganun, wala na ako magawa.
- We are inclined to extend the lockdown up to April 30.

What is PUM and PUI in COVID-19 Cases?

Here is the definition of PUM (Person Under Monitiring) and PUI (Person Under Investifmgation) in COVID-19 cases.

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