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Even Bitches have a Heart

Maleficent (Mistress of Evil) 

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a 2019 American dark fantasy adventure film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. It is a sequel to the 2014 film Maleficent, with Angelina Jolie returning to portray the title role.


  • Angelina Jolie as Maleficent
  • Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora,
  • Harris Dickinson as Prince Phillip, crown prince of Ulstead and son of King John and Queen Ingrith
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Ingrit
  • Robert Lindsay as King John
  • Imelda Staunton as Knotgrass
  • Juno Temple as Thistlewit
  • David Gyasi as Percival
  • Ed Skrein as Borra
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Conall, a dark fey
  • Sam Riley as Diaval, a raven who changes into human form
  • Lesley Manville as Flittle
  • Warwick Davis as Lickspittle
  • Kae Alexander as Ini (desert)


Five years after her father King Stefan's death, Queen Aurora now reigns over the Moors, maintaining order among humans and the fairies and woodland creatures. Maleficent, Aurora’s god-mother remains the strongest fairy and protector of the realm. However despite her good deeds, she is still feared to be an evil witch by the people of Ulstead, Prince Phillip's kingdom.

Maleficent warns Aurora about getting married to the prince after her servant Diaval relayed the news as he overheard Aurora accepted the marriage proposal from Philip. Maleficent believes that the union will end badly. Aurora was able to persuade the fairy to attend a royal dinner where her and Aurora would present themselves to Phillip's parents, King John and Queen Ingrith. The feast quickly escalates into a heated argument between Maleficent and Ingrith, discussing Maleficent's dark past, as well as the missing fairies and murdered humans in the Moors. Maleficent soon loses temper and provokes a fight, seemingly cursing King John into an eternal slumber and fleeing from the castle without Aurora who decided to stay by Phillip's side. On her way to the Moors, Maleficent is hit by Ingrith's servant Gerda with an iron bullet and falls unconscious into the ocean but is saved from death by a mysterious winged creature similar to her.

Maleficent wakes up in a series of underground caverns where she discovers a group of winged and horned fairies of her own kind, among them Conall, their peaceful leader who saved Maleficent, and Borra, a warlike fairy who strives for an open war with humans. Maleficent discovers that she is one of the last Dark Feys, a powerful species of fairies that are almost extinct because of the human oppression. She is also told that her own bloodline ties directly to the Phoenix, an ancient and very powerful ancestor of the Dark Feys, and that is why she wields magic more powerful than the rest of her species. Both Conall and Borra believe that Maleficent is instrumental to end the conflict with humans, either by peace or war.

On the wedding day Aurora discovered Ingrith’s plan of secretly plotting to eradicate all of the fairies and woodland beings, forging iron weapons and inventing a crimson powder that can instantly kill them. She also found out that it was Ingrith who cursed John with Maleficent's old cursed spindle. As the Fair Folk gather for the wedding ceremony in the castle's chaple, they are trapped in and Gerda starts killing them with the powder. They are ultimately saved by Flittle's selfless sacrifice.

The Dark Feys launch an attack on Ulstead but they were welcomed by the wellprepared soldiers until Maleficent, having channeled the power of the Phoenix, joins the battle. She nearly manages to kill Ingrith but is stopped by Aurora who appeals to her good heart, calling her a mother. As the two reconcile, however, Maleficent saves Aurora from Ingrith's arrow and dissolves into ashes. Ingrith proclaims herself victorious but as Aurora weeps over the ashes, Maleficent is reborn in the form of the Phoenix.

Ingrith was transformed into a goat as her soldiers’ were defeated. Maleficent reverts back to her fairy form and gives Aurora and Phillip her blessing. She walked Aurora is the aisle on her wedding day. Maleficent flies away with a group of young Dark Feys after the wedding. She promised Philip and Aurora to come back for the christening of their child.

Blithethough of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

The film displayed more confidence from its preceding film. They were able to hold the level set by the first Maleficent.

The scenes of Maleficent and Aurora are always heartwarming to me. It always displays tough love and you know that it is genuine. Though there is not much when it comes to character development.

Visually, the effects were undeniably spectacular. I personally recommend to watch the film in 3D and IMAX theaters to maximize the details of the design and the gorgeous color bursting everywhere. The cinematography is very cool. The costumes were stunning.

There’s a lot of plot twist that is unnecessary. This plot stretches the time of the film but it did not contributed much on the story line.

The story telling is wasn’t strong enough but I love how they were able to add xenophobia as additional ingredients to its theme. It made the film more relevant. The “Love conquers all” in this film is accepting your neighbor, and the choice not to fight — to lay down past prejudices, accepting differences and try to move forward together.

Although the narrative is a bit weak, Angeline Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer’s characters were able sustain and carry the film through to the end.

The film is lighter. The battle scene is long and intense. It has plenty of darkness that was offset with love of the purest kind.

The ending was fine but I was expecting more.

Maleficent will always be one of my favorite Disney characters of all time.

Special note: The little Hedgehog like Fairy creature in this movie was the most adorable.

Isa pa with Feelings (2019)

Isa Pa with Feelings is a 2019 romantic-comedy film produced by Black Sheep Productions. It is the firstt Filipino film to interpret the sign language.

The Plot

Mara is an aspiring architect whose life went downhill after failing the licensure exam. She was filled with disappointment because it was her father’s frustrated ambition to be one.
In a moment of anguish she then met Gali through a minor accident, who turns out to be her neighbor and, eventually, her sign language teacher. In the absence of verbal language, the two find other means to communicate. They eventually bond and develop liking each other. Gali who was self-assured in the beginning of the film stared to wrestle with his anxieties and insecurities due to his past relationship as his feeling for Mara deepens.

The Actors

I was amazed how Maine Mendoza displayed her acting skills. Behind her jolly and playful personality in television she can really deliver emotions that a drama film requires. She was able to brought Mara into life. She was able to portray the character effectively that can surely touch your emotions.
Carlo Aquino is no stranger in drama. His role as Gali is very unique from what he had done in the past. He doesn't need to speak to be heard. In his voiceless state he was able to communicate very well. His eyes speak. His gestures will tell you what he exactly wants to say. He proved that love can be spoken in many languages without even using your voice. Gali's perspective are truly an eye-opener

Blithethoughs in Isa Pa With Feeling

Before watching the film I have less expectation. I just watched the film because I was bored and I have no other option.  I thought that the film was just an ordinary and typical rom-com film with the exception that Carlo's character being deaf. Luckily the movie has proven me wrong.
The two actors undeniably have natural chemistry.
The story telling is very straight forward and powerful. It is very relatable.
The film gave us a genuine and honest ending. It was neither forced nor uncooked.
The film brought its viewers into the lives of deaf community. By watching the film you will learn their struggle and you will be able to relate and empathize with them. The movie showed us that their lack of ability to hear does not make them less of a human. They can work, study, make friends, fall in love and they have dreams.
By watching the film it opened my eyes about the deaf community. It talks about serious topics about deaf. It talks about the lack of education for parents to have deaf child. Lack of schools for the deaf was pointed out. Our lack of social and emotional skills to help deaf people was also highlighted. They don't need our pity. They are not asking for special treatment. They just need our understanding. They just need to be treated as humans just like us. Empathy and kindness is a real deal and my take away in this film.

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Joker (2019 film)

Joker is a 2019 American psychological thriller film. based on DC Comics characters, stars Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. It is about a mentally ill failed stand-up comedian who turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City.


In 1981, Arthur Fleck works as a clown-for-hire and lives with his mother, Penny, in Gotham City. The city is collapsing under unemployment, crime, and financial ruin, leaving segments of the population disenfranchised and impoverished. Arthur suffers from a neurological disorder that causes him to laugh at inappropriate times, and regularly visits a social services worker to obtain medication. After a group of street kids attack him in an alley, Arthur's co-worker, Randall, loans him a gun for protection. Arthur also meets Sophie, a single mother who lives in a neighboring apartment, and invites her to his stand-up comedy routine.

While entertaining at a children's hospital, Arthur's gun falls out of his pocket. Arthur is fired for this infraction; Randall lies that Arthur bought the gun himself. During a ride home on the subway, Arthur is beaten by three drunken Wayne Enterprises businessmen before he shoots two of them in self-defense and executes the remaining one. The murders unintentionally start a protest movement against Gotham's rich, with protesters donning clown masks in the unidentified killer's image. Arthur later learns that funding cuts are shuttering the social service program, leaving him without access to his medication.

That night, Sophie attends Arthur's stand-up comedy routine, which goes poorly; he laughs uncontrollably and has difficulty delivering his jokes. A popular talk show host, Murray Franklin, mocks Arthur by showing clips from the routine on his show. Arthur later intercepts a letter written by Penny to local billionaire and mayoral candidate Thomas Wayne, alleging that he is Thomas's illegitimate son, and berates his mother for hiding the truth. Arthur goes to Wayne Manor for answers, where he meets Thomas's son, Bruce. After a scuffle with Alfred Pennyworth, the family butler, Arthur flees. Shortly after a visit from two Gotham City Police Department detectives investigating Arthur's involvement in the train murders, Penny falls ill and is hospitalized.

At a public event, Arthur confronts Thomas, who tells him that Penny is mentally unstable and not his biological mother. In denial, Arthur visits Arkham State Hospital and steals Penny's case file, discovering that he was adopted after being abandoned as a baby and that Penny was neglectful, allowing her boyfriend to physically abuse Arthur as a child, causing serious head trauma. Distraught, Arthur goes to the hospital and kills his mother before returning home and entering Sophie's apartment unannounced. Frightened, Sophie tells him to leave; it is revealed that their previous encounters were part of Arthur's delusions.

Arthur is invited to make a guest appearance on Murray's show due to the unexpected popularity of his routine clips. As he puts on his makeup and outfit, he is visited by his former co-workers Gary and Randall. Arthur murders Randall but leaves Gary unharmed for treating Arthur well in the past. En route to the studio, Arthur is pursued by the two detectives onto a train filled with clown protesters. One of the detectives accidentally shoots a protester and incites a riot while Arthur escapes in the chaos.

Before the show goes live, Arthur requests that Murray introduce him as "Joker", a reference to Murray's previous mockery. Arthur comes out to a warm reception, but begins telling morbid jokes, admits that he killed the men on the train and rants about how society abandoned and mocked him. Arthur then kills Murray before being arrested.

Riots break out across Gotham. One of the rioters corners the Wayne family in an alley and murders Thomas and his wife Martha, sparing a traumatized Bruce. Meanwhile, a group of rioters in an ambulance crash into the police car carrying Arthur and free him. Arthur is hailed as a hero by the crowd and dances to their cheers.

Arthur is recaptured and incarcerated in an asylum. Laughing to himself, his psychiatrist asks him to tell her the joke; he replies that she would not understand. Arthur is then chased through the halls by the orderlies, leaving a trail of bloodied footprints behind him.


Joker is brutal, dark and a convincing origin story of a man's painful journey to self destruction. It is difficult to watch however at the same time it is impossible to take your eyes off him.

What happens when a broken person is immersed in a broken environment.? This is the question brilliantly asked by Joker.

This film must be watch with an open mind. It is disturbing brutal dark and intense, yet brilliantly craftted and courageous portrayal of someone who loses everything but somehow wins most victoriously - at least, in his mind.  This is a good origin story of a man's painful journey to self destruction.

The film will not entertain you but it will open your eyes about mental illness. How it can turn a good man into monster. The movie also showed reality of life on how other people has a big impact in someone life. In every hurtful words that we say or mean action that we do, we might be crafting a demon from a good person that no one understands.

The movie is unpleasant  it makes you wonder if there's any good left in the world.  When the film is over, you will find yourself fully invested and ready to watch his journey continue if there's ever another one.

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix did a great job in re-imagining Joker, one of the most iconic villains in cinema history

As an origin story it showed us what drove the man down the path we know he has to eventually tread. We saw the effects it has on the man himself.


#JOWABLE is based on a viral monologues from the Facebook page Vinsentiments. 

Elsa (Kim Molina) is a troubled young woman who is yearning for a mature and intimate relationship. She is a girl who constantly rants about her lack of romantic love and sexual satisfaction in life, seeking advice from everywhere and everyone.

The main role is perfect for Kim. I couldn't think of anyone else to portray the character of Elsa.

Cai Cortez nailed the bestfriend role. Her scenes with Kim were full of vulgar words and laughter but filles with heartwarming conversations.

Kakai Bautista also fits the loving and comedic morthely role.

The irreverent yet meaningful conversation with a nun (Candy Pangilinan) is one of the highlights of this films. Behind the humor you will find real life realization about love and life.

Darryl Yap, being the writer and director knows how to capture the hearts of its audiences. He was able to make every character in this film shine.

This is film worth watching it will make you laugh your ass off and cry like insane. This movie is a beautiful chaos. 


This film is smart. The trailer will surely caught up your attention but the experience watch the full movie a completely different experience. This is surely a 9 out of 10 stars!

#jowablethemovie #vivafilms

Blithethoughts on "IT Chapter Two"

The Plot

The film opened when Adrian Mellon and his boyfriend Don Hagarty are attacked by a group of youths. Mellon is then thrown from a bridge and killed by Pennywise while Don  watches helplessly. Mike Hanlon overhears the incident through a police scanner and rushes to the place of incident. He then realized that Pennywise or so called"It" has came back.

He contacted the other members of the Losers Club—Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Eddie, and Stan—back to Derry where everything have started. Everyone agreed to return except for Stan who committed suicide after Mike's phone call.

The Losers Club minus Stan have been reunited in a local restaurant and slowly begin to recover their memories, but are terrified by disturbing visions and taunts caused by It. The group is then found out about Stan's suicide. Richie and Eddie decide to leave while Mike reveals to Bil that he met with a Native American tribe who him showed a vision of It arriving to Earth from the stars, and informed him of the Ritual of Chüd- a way of destroying It once and for all. Bill and Mike convince Richie and Eddie to stay and finish what was started. Henry Bowers, having survived his apparent death, has been confined to a mental hospital, but with the help of "It" he escaped.

The ritual requires each Loser to have an artifact from their past. Beverly goes to her old home and found the love letter that she believes that Ben have written for her. Bill went to the storm drain near their oldhouse and where Georgie was killed. He recovered his paper boat before meeting a boy named Dean. Ben went to his old high school and found his old yearbook page, which Beverly was the only person to sign. Eddie went to a pharmacy and recovers an inhaler. Richie got a game token from an abandoned arcade. After escaping their individual encounters with the "It", the Losers use a shower cap from their childhood clubhouse for Stan and Mike finds the rock that started their fight against the Bowers gang years prior. Bill realizes that the "It" is going after Dean but he failed to save him from being devoured. Bowers attacks and wounds Eddie and Mike, but was killed by Richie. The rest of the

Losers left the Neibolt house to help Bill. They have completed the Ritual but Pennywise appeared and pressured Mike in revealing to the Losers that the Natives who attempted the ritual in the past all died. The Losers are then thrust into nightmarish scenarios that they all eventually escape from before arriving back in the cavern. Eddie saves Richie, who gets caught by Pennywise's hypnotic dead lights, but is impaled by Pennywise. The Losers regroup and realize It can be killed if they stand up to him and make him feel smaller than he actually is; they surround and insult It over and over, making him physically shrink and weaken until they are able to tear out his heart and crush it, ultimately killing him. Eddie dies from his injuries despite Richie's attempts to save him.

The remaining Losers return to the quarry where they once swam together. Beverly, who has realized it was Ben who wrote the letter, shares a kiss with him, and the two start a romantic relationship. Richie returns to the bridge where he had once carved his initials and those of another person, now revealed to be Eddie. Mike decides to move out of Derry to start a new life. The Losers all receive posthumous letters from Stan, explaining that he believed he would've held them back, but knew they could defeat It if they were brave without him.

The Cast

The Losers' Club

  • Jessica Chastain and Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh:
    The only female member of the Losers' Club, who was abused physically and sexually by her father, was bullied at school over false rumors of promiscuity, and was Bill and Ben's love interest. As an adult, she has become a successful fashion designer in Chicago while enduring several abusive relationships that include her marriage to Tom Rogan.
  • James McAvoy and Jaeden Martell as Bill Denbrough:
    The stuttering yet resourcefully determined former leader of the Losers' Club who, out of revenge for the demise of his younger brother Georgie, fights his killer, Pennywise, during the summer of 1989. He promises that he and the other losers will return to Derry if It comes back. As an adult, Bill is a successful mystery novelist in Los Angeles, and is married to a successful actress named Audra Phillips.
  • Bill Hader and Finn Wolfhard as Richie Tozier:
    Bill's bespectacled best friend and fellow member of the Losers' Club, whose loud mouth and foul language often get him into trouble. As an adult, Richie becomes a successful stand-up comic in Los Angeles, contrary to his occupation as a disc jockey from the novel.
  • Isaiah Mustafa and Chosen Jacobs as Mike Hanlon:
    A member of the Losers' Club who fought against It. As an adult, Mike is the only one to stay in Derry and becomes the town librarian. He summons the other Losers back to Derry when It resurfaces.
  • Jay Ryan and Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben Hanscom:
    A member of the Losers' Club who fought against It and was bullied as a child because of being overweight. As an adult, he is fit and a successful architect living in Nebraska.
  • James Ransone and Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie Kaspbrak:
    The epitome of a hypochondriac, overly exaggerated by the immense number of objects in his medicine cabinet. As an adult, Eddie is a successful risk assessor living in New York City and is married to Myra, who is very similar to his Munchausen syndrome by proxy-stricken mother Sonia.
  • Andy Bean and Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Uris:
    A member of the Losers' Club who fought against It but commits suicide as a adult because he knows that he fears to creature too much.


It Chapter Two did improved from its predecessor. It went deeper than its predecessor, yet you will feel a bit of shallowness. The horror elements and visual effects are mostly popcorn spectacle but the drama underlying everything is immensely compelling. The horror feeling did not elevate even though it has a nice horror effects.  The film have very nice cast however never reaches a level that evokes true emotion. There is less development with the characters. Special mention to Bill Harder whom I think made a great job in portraying his character. The comedy is so so. The flashbacks is a plus.

It was good but not the type of film that you will spent a penny watching it ot again.

Just a Stranger (2019)

Just a Stranger is a 2019 Filipino erotic romantic drama starring Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao under the direction of Jason Paul Laxamana.

It is a story of forbidden love between to committed people with a May-December affair.
The opening scene shows Mae as she enters an empty church in midday wearing black, fancy clothes and enters the confessional booth where the priest is waiting to hear her story.

The story revolves around Mae played by Anne Curtis, a beautiful woman married to Phil (Edu Manzano), an older man who uses her as a trophy wife. She met Jeriho (Marco Gumabao) the handsome young man that she met during her vacation in Lisbon, Portugal. Jericho flirted with her while she was spending time at the beach. He then offered her to be her personal tour guide. They end up the day renting a room which she paid and spending the whole night is the same bed. The "one-time thing" has grown into a full-blown romance when they met again at the Old Railway Station museum in San Fernando, Pampanga where Jericho works as an apprentice. Phil eventually found out about Mae and Jericho's affair. He isn't thrilled about what he found out however his public reputation is more important to him. He did not stop them from seeing Jericho but he ceased all his financial support to his wife. As Phil's line said "...won’t allow you to finance your betrayal with his own money." Mae was willing to risk giving up everything just to be Jericho but the young man was burdened of taking their romance to the next level because of the situation that he is on - hooking up with a married woman that he cannot make public.


Anne and Marco definitely have chemistry. Anne did great in job portraying a bored and neglected wife whose needs go beyond the material things provided by her wealthy husband. Marco displayed remarkable range and depth in portraying the character of Jericho. A boy who has everything except for what he really wants.


Jason Paul Laxamana is not a stranger to this movie genre. He may not bag an award for this film yet it was still well crafted overall.


It is not a typical Filipino movie where every scene is predictable. You will feel different emotions a you watch through the movie. The film tackled few issues that we encounter today such as problems of married couples encountered, aggressiveness of teenagers and parents raising their child. The actors are fantastic. The opening location is beautiful. The sound tracts is also great. Over all the film is a must watch.

Just a Stranger, which is rated R-16 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, is currently being screened in cinemas.

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Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)

The film is about Joy (Kathryn Bernardo), a hard working OFW based in Hong Kong who does everything to support her family back in the Philippines and she desperately needs money to finance her dream to go to Canada to practice her profession which is nursing.

She then met Ethan (Alden Richards), a carefree bartender whose life has no direction until they found each other then pursued her. 

The Film

Hello, Love, Goodbye is more than just a love story as it talks about reality on how working overseas affects the life, dreams and family of an OFW. It talks about the real struggles and hardship of working far away from your family and your country. The film showed how strangers becomes friends and become a family. It also showed how passionate Filipinos are on the job that they do.

The Director

Cathy Garcia-Molina is really a genius in putting a lot of surprises for the audience from start to finish. The audience will surely be hooked as every scene unfolds. She never fails to amaze me every time I watch her masterpieces. 

The Actor

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards did gave justice to the characters that was assigned to it. The chemistry is remarkable. Kathryn Bernardo is such a talent. Every small movements and gestures speaks and tell a story. Alden Richards is surprisingly impressive and emotions were greatly executed.

The Cast

Kudos to the casting director of this film. The roles of Lovely Abella, Kakai Bautista, Maymay Entrata, Joross Gamboa and Jeffree Tam as Carlo were perfectly tailored for everyone. Each of them have played their parts smoothly and realistically. A special mention to Maricel Laxa, it is such a joy to see her in films like this.

The Location

The location of the film is so natural and realistic on the life of OFW in Hong Kong. 

The Script

It was funny, dramatic and displayed great wit.

Take away

The film may revolve around the life of an OFW but the real life struggles applies to everyone. Every day we make choices. We choose our priorities and spent more of our time with it. Our dreams are not served in a silver platter. We have to work hard for it and most of the time we make sacrifices.

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards showed us another reality that Millennials are facing right now and that is the difficulty of decision making to either pursue our dreams or chase love. 

Love isn’t selfish. Love is patient. Love gives us courage to let go. Love make us believe in ourselves and enable us to dream and conquer it.

Should I watch it? Defenitely a YES.

Captain Marvel, Higher, Further, Faster

BlitheThough about the Marvel’s heroine 

The female-empowerment message of Captain Marvel is timely in the Philippines as we celebrate the National Women's Month. A celebration every March that is part of the worldwide observance of the International Women's Day (IWD).

The film is proudly feminist without feeling overdone. It’s reflected in more artistic ways, such as having the character be sexy without having to flaunt her sexuality, or get knocked down but rise back up again against stereotypes and doubters.

The start of the movie is not really as impressive as I thought, ut it gets better as it goes along. The opening scene which is when they were in the planet Halaand the subsequent battle sequence poorly staged and shot. It takes too many narrative shortcuts to implied empathy. 

We learned Vers' true name and how she came to be a Kree warrior but we never learn enough about who she really is, her flaws and all.

Brie Larson emerging as a highly appealing kick-ass heroine with brains to match her brawn. She’s witty, she’s passionate, she’s resolute and – crucially – she boasts a tremendous humanity over and above her special powers. Larson she delivers the emotions, and kicks that make the hero compelling.she’s outstanding at maintaining battle-hardened prose while also delivering smartass quips  like Tony Stark.

Captain Marvel may be the star or the film but you can't deny that Goose (the cat), merges as the real star of the show.

Samuel L. Jackson aside from getting a new lease on Nick Fury and his new hair line, he was fun  to watch and became interesting in some way. 

I like how Ben Mendelsohn as the Skrull big bad Talos gives the story a big twist. He not only does the villain also get some amusing comedic moments due to earthly inexperience, he’s also another morally complex individual that shows Marvel is continuing to step up their bad guy game. 

Even the actors who don’t have a ton of screen time, like Lashana Lynch and Annette Benning, make the most of their screen time and leave an impact.

Captain Marvel is short for a Marvel movie, it is just below two hours. 

There are a handful of scenes that will inspire women all around the world, regardless of nationality.The 90s soundtrack frequently utilizes songs vocalized by women,The original score was composed by a woman, Pinar Toprak, a first for the saga.

I'll give 4 out  of 5 stars for Captain Marvel.

It made me more excited for Avengers: Endgame.

The Plot

In the Kree Empire's capital planet of Hala, warrior and Starforce member Vers suffers from recurring nightmares involving an older woman. Yon-Rogg, her mentor, warns her to control her abilities while the Supreme Intelligence, an organic artificial intelligence who acts as the Kree's ruler, urges her to keep her emotions in check.

While working with Kree official Ronan the Accuser to rescue an undercover Kree agent, Vers is abducted and subjected to a memory probe by a group of Skrulls, alien shapeshifters with whom the Kree are at war. Vers escapes and, after escaping the Skrulls' ship, crashlands on Earth where she met agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. They were fired by a Skrull in disguise as they question her. Vers pursues the alien, but after a fight aboard a train, loses him — though not without recovering a crystal containing her disjointed extracted memories, which her lead her to a bar in a nearby town. Fury discovers a Skrull impersonating Coulson while he was driving. The alien dies when Fury purposefully crashes the car. THe then followed a lead to a bar with Vers.

Fury and Vers agree to work together, and using Fury's security clearance visit the secret air base Pegasus that appeared in Vers' deep memory along with the identity of the older woman, Dr. Wendy Lawson. They learn Lawson was a Kree, and died along with her pilot in a 1989 crash while flight-testing her light-speed engine — and that the pilot was Vers. Avoiding capture by "Keller" and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Vers and Fury escape in a small cargo jet, with Lawson's cat Goose, adopted by the base, having stowed away. In Louisiana, Fury and Vers speak to Maria Rambeau, Vers' fellow jet pilot (callsign "Photon"), the last person to see Lawson and Vers alive. They fill each other in with the help of Maria's young daughter Monica, and Vers learns she was jet pilot Carol Danvers. Talos, who had tracked her, arrives and asks to speak. Using the black-box recorder of Lawson's crashed plane, Danvers learns an alien spaceship had shot it down — and she now remembers Yon-Rogg killing Lawson, as well as Lawson's warning that the experimental engine's energy-core had to be destroyed to keep it from the wrong hands. Vers shot it and was caught in an ensuing explosion, with her body absorbing the energy. Yon-Rogg brought the amnesiac "Vers" — the remaining portion of "Danvers" on her broken dog tag — to Hala.

Talos explains the Skrulls are simply refugees, and Lawson's engine was to help them escape beyond Kree reach. Using coordinates Lawson had given Danvers, she, along with Fury, Monica, and Goose — who for some reason terrifies Talos — fly their Skrull-modified cargo jet to a cloaked ship in orbit. There they find the source of the energy-core's power, the Tesseract — and some Skrull refugees, including Talos' mate and child. Yon-Rogg's Starforce, having tracked them, captures Danvers and places her in VR before the Supreme Intelligence. Enraged at being used, Danvers fights back, and discovers that a Kree implant that purportedly gave her Kree powers was instead limiting them. Accessing her full force, Danvers escapes, gives the Tesseract to Fury for safekeeping, and battles the Starforce to give Rambeau time to fly herself, Fury, and the Skrulls to Earth — along with Goose, who is not a cat but an alien known as a Flerken that can sprout powerful tentacles and whose insides are a pocket dimension where the Tesseract is placed. Rambeau shoots down a pursuing Minerva. Danvers chases an escaping Yon-Rogg and discovers the extent of her powers, including flight. She singlehandedly destroys multiple ballistic missiles that Kree official Ronan the Accuser, called in by Yon-Rogg, has fired at Earth, and forces Ronan's forces to retreat. On Earth, Danvers quickly defeats Yon-Rogg and sends him back to Hala with a warning to the Supreme Intelligence.

Danvers agrees to help the Skrulls find a new homeworld, giving Fury a modified pager with which to contact her in an emergency. Fury later drafts a proposal for an initiative, changing the name after finding a photo with Danvers' old callsign of "Avenger".

In a present-day mid-credits scene, Danvers meet Avengers Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, and James Rhodes, who were monitoring the pager Fury had activated. In an end-credits flashback, Goose coughs up the Tesseract.

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